TRIGGERED MAXINE: ‘We Are Fiddling While Rome Is Burning, IMPEACH TRUMP!’ (VIDEO)

Deranged congresswoman Maxine Waters continues to prove to the world that while she is a terrible politician, she is television and comedy gold!

Breitbart reported:

Waters said, “The circumstances are such that he’s in the middle of an investigation, and he gets fired. And it appears that this president has admitted that he interfered with the investigation by asking him if, in fact, he was under investigation. So I don’t think that’s hypocritical at all. The hypocrisy lies with this president. This man lies every day. He changes his story. He does not even realize that most people don’t believe him anymore.”

Waters asserted Trump “perhaps even” can be “charged with obstruction of justice.”

She added, “I’ve said all along that he would lead us to impeachment, and he’s doing just that. Every day, more and more is unfolding. I told you that I thought there was a Kremlin clan and these were his allies. I had a resolution back in February that said it should be investigated for collusion. Everything that I know, that I’ve been able to find out, if we do the investigations, the information is there. We’re fiddling while Rome is burning. This president needs to be impeached. I believe that. I believe there was collusion. We need to get on with the business of doing real investigations.”

Maxine Waters, what a sad excuse of a politician!

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