LIBERALS Mock Death of Republican’s Special Needs Daughter (VIDEO)

Paid liberal radical activists attacked a Republican during a town hall event as he explained to them that he cares about their healthcare because of a tragic ordeal his daughter went through. They responded with hate and mocked him…

Breitbart reported:

Liberal activists involved in a nationwide effort to disrupt town hall meetings being held by lawmakers for their constituents reached a new low on Wednesday night when Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) was mocked when he told the unruly crowd about how the death of his special needs daughter informed his decision to amend and vote for the American Health Care Act that was passed by the House earlier this month.

When MacArthur started to tell the story about Gracie, who died two decades ago at age 11, someone yelled “Shame!,” accusing the lawmaker of “using” his daughter’s death to promote his political agenda.

“I will say shame on you right now actually,” MacArthur said. “I’m going to tell you because this affects my perspective on this issue of health care.”

At the time of his daughter’s illness, MacArthur said he had insurance but it did not cover all of her expenses, which totaled more than $1 million, according to NBC.

MacArthur also said when his mother died from cancer when he was a child his family had no insurance and his father worked for years to pay off their medical debt.

A lot of paid protesters come from George Soros!

(Image: Twitter Photo)

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