GLOBALIST Macron Walked Out To EU ANTHEM To After Victory (VIDEO)

New French President Emmanuel Macron celebrated his victory under the EU anthem, complete globalist…

The Daily Caller reported:

Emmanuel Macron walked out to the European Union anthem, “Ode to Joy,” at the Louvre Sunday night before addressing supporters after winning the French presidential election.

Macron defeated nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen in a landslide. The former banker has called for France to embrace its role in the EU, while Le Pen wanted a referendum so that France would leave the EU.

James Mates, Europe Editor for ITV News, tweeted, “Macron appears in front of supporters at Louvre not to Marseillaise but Europe’s Ode to Joy. Huge statement as first act as President elect.”

Twitter absolutely shredded him…

Good luck France!

(Image: Screenshot)

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