Maxine Waters: Trump Isn’t Paying Any Taxes, He Knows All Of The Tricks (VIDEO)

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC’s Saturday broadcast of “AM Joy” where she continued to stir up controversy about President Trump’s taxes.


“He has not answered many questions, and even though we thought that he had placed all of his businesses in trusts, we find that that has not happened. And so, people all over this country are filling out their taxes, they are trying to do the right thing, you know, middle-class people are paying 30, 35% taxes. Some of us believe that Donald Trump is not paying any taxes. He’s taken advantage of all the loopholes. He knows all of the tricks. We need to know what it looks like, who he owes, what kind of debt he has, and again, what kind of possible conflicts of interest.”

Whining and complaining about the electoral college didn’t work. Making up a debunked narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians didn’t work. Now Democrats are revisiting the issue of Trump not releasing his taxes.

Keep in mind, every person on the planet including Maxine Waters, tries to figure out ways to pay less taxes!

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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