Meghan McCain on Possible Chelsea Clinton Run: ‘What Fresh Hell Am I Living In?’ (VIDEO)

Fox News’ “Outnumbered” co-host Meghan McCain just about lost her mind on Thursday when she had to talk about the possibility of another Clinton running for office.

The Free Beacon reported: McCain, herself the daughter of a former presidential candidate, was having none of the obsessive media coverage of Chelsea Clinton potentially launching a bid for Congress.

“Oh my God. OK, what fresh hell am I living in where I’m going to have to sit through Chelsea Clinton running for office?” McCain asked.

“What do I have to do to make a Clinton stop running for office?” she continued. “We don’t like you!”

“Legitimately she has attempted to grow a personality on Twitter since the election,” McCain said. “Which could have gone for good use when her mother was running for president, but I guess only in loss you are going to get some attitude afterwards.”

“Look, Chelsea Clinton was raised by a single mom in the ghetto. She went to community college and then she worked her way up,” Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson joked. “Doesn’t she deserve it?”

It may actually be a good thing if Chelsea Clinton decides to run for office as it could very easily end up in an easy election victory for Republicans.

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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