METAPHOR ALERT: Lights Go Out At CNN During Live Broadcast (VIDEO)

The lights have gone out at CNN, literally. After CNN aired comments made by President Trump about the GOP’s solution to Obamacare, they went to their panel of “experts” to discuss Trump’s comments.

Mediaite reported:

With host Dana Bash moderating the conversation, the lights went out on the set. After a short moment, the network switched to video from the meeting room while a panelist continued to talk.

“And I just want to say hopefully our viewers can still hear us,” Bash said. “We had some lighting issues here.”

With that, they finished out the segment.”

According to the Daily Wire, CNN’s ratings took a major hit in February after another disastrous month of coverage.

The Daily Wire reported: “Fox News averaged 1.75 million total day viewers and 2.9 million primetime viewers.

MSNBC averaged 807,000 total day viewers and 1.5 million primetime viewers.

CNN averaged 853,000 total day viewers and a measly 1.188 million primetime viewers.

During the coveted primetime hours, CNN is losing to MSNBC!”

In February President Trump blasted the mainstream media by saying that the media is the enemy of the American people.

Don’t expect anything to change in regards to how CNN or the rest of the mainstream media operates. They will never learn. 


(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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