OBAMA Drastically Cut Military Spending But Blames Obesity For Lack Of Security (VIDEO)

Barack Obama thinks obese people is harming the national security of the United States…

NTK Network reported:

Former President Barack Obama blamed obesity as the reason why America is less secure today instead of his administration’s decision to drastically cut military spending while delivering prepared remarks at the Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit in Italy on Tuesday.

“And when, in the United States the number one disqualifier for military service is obesity, we might even be able to strengthen our security as well,” Obama told the audience during his prepared remarks.

While it’s true that obesity is the number one disqualifier for military service in the United States, it should also be noted that the Obama administration drastically cut military spending during his tenure.

According to PBS News:

“Between 2011 and 2014, the Pentagon’s budget fell by more than $100 billion. And in 2013 automatic budget cuts known as sequestration kicked in, forcing across-the-board reductions that led to widespread concern the military services would be unprepared to fight the nation’s wars.”

PolitiFact estimates that spending on national security fell by 15 percent under the Obama administration.

Obama’s drastic cuts to the U.S. military and national security programs probably played a bigger factor in making America less secure than obesity ever will.

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