PELOSI Gives Dems a Grade of 100% for First 100 Days (VIDEO)

Democratic Rep Nancy Pelosi once again has demonstrated to the world that her mind truly is on another planet.

NTK Network reported:

“In terms of unity, 100 percent unified,” Pelosi said. “That’s how we were able to work with outside mobilization, channeling the energy of the American people to defeat [the Trump administration’s] horrible, health care bill.”

Karl pointed out that “two-thirds of the American people say the Democratic Party is out of touch.”

“Isn’t your party a bit of a mess right now?” he asked.

“No it isn’t,” Pelosi claimed.

Pelosi said the only problem with the Democrats is that they haven’t been loud enough. “We have walked the walk, but we haven’t talked the talk.”

Once again people blasted her on Twitter…

(Image: Screenshot)

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