REPORT: Switzerland Funds NGOs That Call For Israel’s Destruction

A report was recently released that claims that Switzerland finances non-government organizations (NGOs) that call for the annihilation of Israel and for the death of Jews according to an article published by the Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Post reported: “A February article in the Swiss daily Basler Zeitung reported that some of the nearly $60 million its government has sent in support of Middle East projects also funds initiatives that call for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.

“Switzerland finances in different ways organizations in Israel and the Palestinian territories that call for the annihilation of Israel and for the death of Jews,” wrote Dominik Feusi, senior editor of Basler Zeitung. 

According to the report, since 2013, the Swiss government has funneled nearly $700,000 to a human rights office in Ramallah that has functioned as a front organization, to avoid criticism by Western countries. The office is funded by Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden, and seeks to cover up the antisemitic work of its partner NGOs, the report said.

Switzerland has long faced criticism for its refusal to outlaw Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist organizations. In December, it participated in and helped finance a two-day conference in Geneva that included Hamas.”

The report triggered intense criticism from a Jerusalem based watch dog organization on Monday who called for reforms to be made to the Swiss government’s public expenditures.

Hopefully Israel can take advantage of the support it’s receiving from the Trump administration to get problems like this fixed.

(Image: Shutterstock photo licensed to Ryan Saavedra)

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