WATCH: Chris Wallace Destroys Chuck Schumer Over False Claims About Trump (VIDEO)

Fox News host Chris Wallace absolutely embarrassed Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer over his false claims regarding President Trump’s promises.

Senator Schumer starts off by saying:

On trade, he promised to be tough, backed off on China, backed off on Mexico. On buy America, again we have a good strong bill then backed off that a lot of the steel now and infrastructure and water is going to be made overseas. On healthcare, he said he would cover more people at less cost his bill does just the opposite and maybe the worst is draining the swamp. His last days he said Wall Street won’t be in Washington, well there more in this cabinet than others, billionaires, and there’s such closed-ness.

I think one of the worst things he did on the swamp is there allowing lobbyists to work in the administration on issues they lobbied on and they get waivers that are secret so there’s been promise after promise that’s been either unfulfilled or broken on infrastructure we sent him a trillion Dollar plan we haven’t heard a peep out of him, we’re willing to work with them on issues like this. So the bottom line is very simple, the president if he works with us, on particularly on issues like trade and infrastructure we can work. But on the issues so far taxes and healthcare he doesn’t consult us at all, he puts together a plan that’s very hard right, special interest, wealth oriented, and then says the way to be bipartisan is just support his plan, that’s not how America works.

Chris Wallace then cuts him to shreds…

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