IS SHE SICK? Nancy Pelosi Makes Strange Noises as Reporter asks Question (VIDEO)

When she’s done trying to play “politics” with the adults, Nancy Pelosi may want to consider a career in comedy because she is always good at making people laugh!

The AM reported:

A hot mic at Nancy Pelosi’s press conference today caught the 77-year-old Democratic leader repeatedly muttering to herself as a reporter was asking a question.

The reporter said, “Back when Obamacare was moving through the Congress, you shepherding it as Speaker, the mantra was ‘Read the Bill.’”

Pelosi muttered under her breath, “Yeah, did it.”

With a strange grin on her face, she said, “yeah,” as he said Republicans criticized her for “rushing” the bill to the House floor.

And she chuckled when the reporter said the Republicans made their bill available last night, before today’s vote.

People blasted her on Twitter, as usual…

(Image: Screenshot)

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