Smug Liberal Samantha Bee Claims Liberals Are NOT SMUG (VIDEO)

Smug liberal Samantha Bee is a “Smug Liberal” Denier, what a shock!

Town Hall reported:

Samantha Bee doesn’t create her show, “Full Frontal,” for the viewers, she told Jake Tapper Sunday morning. She’s not attempting to create value for others or for her network, instead using the show as “catharsis” in the Trump era.

“I do the show for me and for people like me, and I don’t really care how others see it, quite frankly….We need catharsis, a place to analyze things in a different way. we see things through a different filter. We just need to break it down,”

That lack of ability to consider another point of view could explain her answer to the question, “Is there a smug liberal problem?”

“I don’t think there is.”

Bee isn’t the first liberal to deny that smug liberals exist, or that they had any role in Hillary Clinton’s November loss. Anthony Bourdain sees the problem pretty clearly, but doesn’t have quite the media influence that people such as Bee enjoy.

Watch the video:

The Democrats still haven’t figured out why they lost which is a big indicator that they are likely to continue losing especially as analyst’s forecasts for the 2018 elections look bleak for Dems.

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