VERY FAKE NEWS: CNN Cuts Feed After Getting Truth Bombed (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, CNN cut the feed of a guest they were interviewing on live TV after he mentioned that new FBI statistics indicated that 30% of the domestic terrorism cases that are being investigated involve refugees.


Dana Bash: “Do you think as a member of the Homeland Security committee, it is necessary for the security of this country to put this ban in place?”

Congressman: “Well i’m on the appropriations committee, we oversee DHS, the funding of that…  I do think that it is important for our security and I think that the people overwhelmingly in the country want that as well too because again just today the FBI comes out and says that 30%, 30% of their domestic terrorism cases that they are investigating are from folks who are refugees.

It’s important not to label all refugees bad people, that’s not why I’m here, but” [Feed cut]

Dana Bash: “I was just gonna say Congressman it’s time to go but I think the T.V. Gremlins did that for us.”

What a COINCIDENCE that was. With stunts like this it is no wonder why CNN’s ratings and credibility have tanked.

Earlier on Tuesday, the American Lookout reported that CNN had a disastrous month in February getting beat out during prime-time hours by MSNBC.

The Clinton News Network will never learn. 


(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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