Bernie Sanders AGAIN Fails To File Senate Ethics Financial Disclosures

Socialist Bernie Sanders – the man that claims everyone needs to pay their fair share – is the only one who is not paying his fair share, at least not on time…

The Daily Caller reported:

Socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has demonstrated — once again — that he is incapable of submitting basic, required documents describing his personal finances in anything approaching a timely manner.

This time, Sanders has failed to meet a May 15 deadline for turning in an annual report detailing his finances for 2016, according to the Valley News, a New England newspaper.

The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics requires all 100 U.S. senators to file detailed financial disclosures generally cataloging what they own and what they owe each year. Senators must also itemize all the gifts and free trips they have received from private sources.

Sanders, who emphasized government transparency during his 2016 presidential campaign, also completely blew off Senate Ethics Committee financial documentation filing deadlines in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

“Sanders expertly exploited a system that effectively allowed him to delay, delay, delay,” The Center of Public Integrity concluded in a blistering August 2016 investigation. At the very same time, Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton for taking “six-figure paydays” to make “closed-door speeches to officials at investment bank Goldman Sachs and other powerful special interests.”

Bernie Sanders is a fraud!

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