Maxine Waters Lives in $4.3 Million Home – Criticizes Ben Carson’s Home (VIDEO)

Democratic nut job Maxine Waters felt the need to criticize Republican Ben Carson over the nice home that he worked hard to own.

During her pathetic remarks she forgot to tell people one thing: she lives in a $4.3 million home!

Fox News Insider reported:

Tucker Carlson reacted to Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-Calif.) threat to “take [HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson’s] a** apart” by noting she might indeed be qualified to take his job.

Carlson said Waters, a 40-year politician, lives in a 6,000 square-foot mansion worth $4.3 million that is not in her congressional district.

He asked how Waters could afford a home like that in a ritzy neighborhood while solely working as a representative of the 43rd District.

“We should take her seriously on this subject,” Carlson said, calling her a “confirmed expert on the question on housing.”

He said that while Waters sometimes speaks using racially-charged rhetoric, she lives in a neighborhood that is only six percent African-American.

At the same time she represents a district with the second-highest concentration of African-Americans in California.

“How did Maxine Waters pull off a housing coup like that?” he asked, adding that it “almost qualifies her to be HUD secretary herself.”

Maxine Waters is one the most hateful and nastiest human beings on the planet.

She needs to retire!

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