Robert Reich and Try to Redefine “True Patriotism” But Here’s the Translation of What They’re Really Saying

Fireworks behind statue of liberty
Fireworks behind statue of liberty

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton, took the opportunity alongside to spread more leftist propaganda in advance of July 4th attempting to redefine patriotism using his socialist filter, liberal hate while exercising his “privilege” using a white board.

Check out the video:

So, let’s look at their 5 basic “principles” and the translation of what Reich and are REALLY saying.

First: It’s not simply about waiving the American flag and it’s not mostly about securing our borders putting up walls keeping others out. It’s about coming together for the common good.

Translation: For us to come together, we need full amnesty for illegals because denying them citizenship is just racist! Funny how a concern about the domestic security of Americans and national security is somehow unpatriotic to the Left.

Second: Patriotism ‘isn’t cheap.’ As such, a real American patriot pays his fair share of taxes to fund services, utilities, roadways, social programs, education, healthcare and the most expensive military on the planet. The Presumptive Republican Apricot nominee has yet to reveal his tax returns, and it’s widely believed they would divulge some rather ‘creative accounting’, possibly to the degree that he hardly pays anything back for all the benefits he’s received from this nation, the country he claims to love.

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Translation: The rich people don’t pay enough in taxes and Trump is a rich guy! If only those greed rich people would pay more, everything would be better.  Never mind that the top 10% of earners in the U.S. pay over 85% of the Federal taxes.  The bottom 50% pay nothing. Notice how Reich doesn’t say ‘freedom isn’t free’ but ‘patriotism isn’t cheap’.  So we have to pay to love the country?

Third: Patriotism is about preserving fortifying and protecting our democracy, not intimidating it with big money and buying off politicians. Trump has bragged about his own history of buying politicians who, as he so delicately pronounced, “kiss my ass.”

Translation: We don’t like it when those Super PACs use free speech to reveal things about liberals and Democrats. So if we take their money, we can silence them. Republicans and rich people, like Trump, use the system to help themselves and no one else. Never mind that Hillary SOLD favors while she was Secretary of State through Bill’s speeches grabbing millions from foreign governments in “donations” to their foundation. It’s all for a good cause! What is interesting here is that Reich ties love of country to amount of taxes paid. I wonder if this applies to illegals too?

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Fourth: True patriots don’t hate the government of the United States, they’re proud of their country. They know the government is a tool to help solve our problems together. They may not like everything it does and they justifiably worry when special interests came too much power but true patriots work to improve our government not destroy it *cough cough, like the GOP* The Conservative SCOTUS justices responsible for Citizens United decision unequivocally prove that the GOP was best served by this blatant selling of Democracy to the highest bidder.

Translation: Government can solve everyone’s problems. We just need the right program. People can’t be trusted to manage their own lives without our help. Everything would be better if those racist, bigoted conservatives and Tea Party folks were silenced. When Hillary is elected, we’ll use the Supreme Court to “fix” everything.

Finally: Patriots don’t pander to divisiveness – they don’t feel racist or religious or ethnic divisions. They aren’t homophobic or sexist or racist. AMEN!

Translation: We are trying to unite everyone in America around everything we believe in. Americans who don’t want gay marriage, Syrian refugees, full amnesty or Planned Parenthood are homophobic, islamophobic, racist, sexist and bigoted! Also, if you have conservative principles (e.g. smaller government, lower taxes and capitalist economy), embrace the Constitution and you actively work to push the government in that direction, you are destroying it.

As is typical with the Left, patriotism isn’t simply the devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country but has the added requirement of belief in all the wacky, perverse views of liberal, socialists like Reich and

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