Roger Stone Reveals The Radical Left’s Plan To DISRUPT Trump’s Inauguration (VIDEO)

The far left is planning some nasty stuff for Trump’s inauguration. No one on the right did that to Obama but that doesn’t matter to them. The left doesn’t play fair.

In the video below, Trump supporter Roger Stone explains what’s in the works.

Here’s a partial transcript from Real Clear Politics:

Roger Stone Infiltrates Planning Session For Inauguration Protesters Planning Violent Disruption

I do want to talk about what is coming in Washington, because it is scary.

We had an operative who infiltrated the J-20 Committee planning session. And let me go through what these folks have in mind, because this is not a benign civilly disobedient protest.

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They intend to march from McPherson Square to Columbus [Circle]. They are going to march during the lunch period immediately after the inauguration — approximately 12:30. Their goal is to “create a sense of crisis.”

They are going to harass inaugural visitors as they step off the metro stations. Multiple waves will harass Secret Service checkpoints on the National Mall.

Roving protesters in the crowd will be using drums to break up the program, they are going to launch a pirate radio broadcast. Drones loaded with rockets to attack the parade are under consideration.

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Watch the video:

It will be interesting to see if this actually is a thing or if it fizzles.

The Secret Service will certainly have their hands full.


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