Rudy Giuliani: John Kerry Is Violating The Logan Act And No One Seems To Care (VIDEO)

John Kerry may have violated the Logan Act by meeting with an Iranian official to try to save the Iran deal. Rudy pointed out on ABC News that no one seems to care about this and he’s right.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Giuliani: ‘Nobody Seems to Care’ That Kerry is ‘Violating the Logan Act’

President Donald Trump’s top personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Sunday said that “nobody seems to care” that former Secretary of State John Kerry is ‘violating the Logan Act’ by quietly trying to save the Iran nuclear deal.

Giuliani appeared on ABC’s “This Week” where he was initially discussing Trump and what he knew about the $130,000 payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, but then pivoted and talked about how nobody seemed to care about Kerry violating the Logan Act, which prohibits American citizens from negotiating with foreign governments, including unauthorized members of Congress

“Certainly before April 5, 2018, the president knew that Michael Cohen had made these payments because he in fact had reimbursed Michael Cohen for it,” Host George Stephanopoulos said.

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Giuliani said that he didn’t know and said that it wasn’t relevant anymore before shifting the conversation to Kerry.

“This is another tangent like chasing the [Michael] Flynn tangent when it turns out that John Kerry is now violating the Logan Act and nobody seems to care. You haven’t asked me about it,” Giuliani said.

Watch the video:

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Rudy is right and this needs to be looked into.


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