Rudy Giuliani Shuts The Door On Lester Holt: “He Is Dead Wrong!”



Rudy is right!

After the Hofstra debate, Fox and Friends asked Rudy about Lester Holt’s comments on “stop and frisk” in New York.

Here’s the moment in the debate:

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Rudy’s answer:

“Am I angry about it? After Candy Crowley, I thought we saw the last of it. What Holt did last night – if journalism has ethics. If it has ethics, he violated the rules of ethics. Now, if you’re going to interrupt. And you’re going to correct me in front of a hundred million people, you better be right. He is dead wrong. 

First of all, a district judge cannot overrule the Supreme Court. Number two, she found it ‘unconstitutional as applied.’ Not unconstitutional. Hillary Clinton as a former law student should know the difference. Third, Donald Trump’s description of what happened, including the judge being removed from the case, was totally correct.


Will there ever be a fair “moderator” at a Presidential debate?

We’re not holding our breath.

In the meantime, thank goodness for Rudy calling out the Liberal Media!

Go Rudy!

H/T BizPacReview

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