RUDY ON FIRE: “The Clintons Have Always Thought We’re Stupid!”


Rudy is on fire!

In Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani took on the Clintons. In a beautiful speech, Rudy laid into the Clintons. Their dishonesty. Their numerous lies.

And then he asked a good question:

Do they think we’re stupid?

Watch via Michael Keyes:


“These are not just unusual things she did. These are not just stupid things she did. These are not just accidental things that she did. This is a woman who has committed numerous – numerous – serious federal felonies! 

She has lied under oath. She has lied to the public. And I have no doubt she lied to the FBI. 

And now we are being asked to elect as our President someone who is extremely careless in handling national security information? Do they think we’re stupid? Yes, yes, they do! The Clintons have always thought we’re stupid!”

Rudy is right!

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