RUSH LIMBAUGH: Anti-Trump “Not My President” Protests Were AN ABJECT FAILURE (AUDIO)

The liberal media hyped another far left protest this week but it turned out to be a gigantic failure. Small groups attended what was billed as a “Not My President” protest.

Rush Limbaugh did a great job of taking apart the media’s hype on this.

From his website:

“Not My President’s Day” Protests Fizzle

Here’s the headline of the Associated Press: “Thousands of Demonstrators Across U.S. Say ‘Not My President.’” But! But! If you go to the individual locations in this same story. In Chicago, several hundred rallied. In Washington, D.C., several hundred rallied. In Atlanta, dozens marched. Hundreds of protesters in Salt Lake City. But wait a minute. The headline says “thousands.” Why is this even a story? It was an abject failure! They didn’t get what they thought. They wanted to replicate what happened on the weekend after Trump’s travel ban was announced, that executive order.

They wanted to replicate that. Who told you they wouldn’t be able to do it? Who told you that they wouldn’t be able to keep this up? And who was it that mocked me for saying it on The View? That would have been the lovely and gracious (ahem) Joy Behar, asking that of Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren. You know what Fauxcahontas Warren said in response to the question? (screaming) “I’m gonna tell you what, Rush. We’re not gonna get tired of it. There’s no way we’re gonna get tired. You better get used to it, Rush, because here we’re and we’re not gonna tire.”

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Here’s the audio clip from the Daily Rushbo:

Rush is right.

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Despite the media’s attempt to prop this up, it was a total failure.


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