Rush Limbaugh Explains Why Marco Rubio Is Being Targeted By Parkland Anti-Gun Activists (AUDIO)

Have you noticed that the Parkland teen anti-gun activists seem obsessed with Marco Rubio. On its face, it makes no sense because Rubio has made an effort to compromise and meet liberals in the middle on this issue. Rubio is doing exactly what the activists claim they want politicians to do, yet the’re attacking him mercilessly.

According to Rush Limbaugh, that’s exactly why they’re attacking him. They don’t really want compromise.

Listen below:

News Busters has the transcript:

Why do these Parkland kids and the Democrats, why are they dumping all over Marco Rubio? Marco Rubio is the only guy in the Republican Party trying to compromise with them. Marco Rubio is the only guy that’s actually acknowledging that he has some degree of agreement with them. And they’re just as mean as ever, and they are as unresponsive and unsupportive. They’re rejecting Rubio and they’re doing it personally, mean spirited. Why?

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He has let it be known that he agrees with them on certain aspects of gun control, the NRA, this kind of — and they are savage! And not just the kids! Their organizers, their sponsors, their patrons, their Svengalis, their funders are all helping and inspiring these kids to just trash Rubio, and of course it doesn’t make any sense to people — the one guy trying to strike a compr(omise) — folks, it makes so much sense in the world.

It, it tells us so much. I was so thankful I got the question, because it’s all part of the left stepping in it now and no longer trying to mask who they are and what their objectives really are. They do want to get rid of all guns. They do want to confiscate every gun they can get their hands on. They do want to repeal the Second Amendment. And a lot of people in our country don’t believe they really want that, they want common sense this — but now this, this is going to wake up a lot of people who have refused to listen to me and others properly define and explain these progressives.

As usual, Rush nailed it.


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