Rush Limbaugh Explains Why The Left Is So Conflicted Over The Fourth Of July (VIDEO)

During his show on Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh talked about the 4th of July and why the American left is so conflicted over the holiday.

He cited a Harvard study from about ten years ago, which found that July 4th celebrations make people more patriotic and more Republican. It makes people take pride in America and identify with Conservatives.

FOX News Has details:

Rush Limbaugh: Left ‘scared out of their wits’ about Trump July 4 parade, Kaepernick ‘fooled everybody’

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that liberals are terrified by President Trump’s planned parade to celebrate Independence Day.

“The flag makes people tend to think more like a Republican. It tends to make people support Republicans. It tends to inspire patriotic thoughts,” said Limbaugh, citing a Harvard study.

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“The left remembers this, and they are terrified of tomorrow [Thursday], especially the people actually in Washington,” Limbaugh continued. “I think that, truth be told, they are scared out of their wits that Trump is going to have maybe one of the biggest Fourth of July celebrations Washington has ever seen. It is going to be loud. It’s gonna be proud. It’s going to be an in-your-face celebration of freedom in America.”

The radio show host argued that liberals are threatened by freedom.

“What will be on display at Trump’s joyous Independence Day bash … will be a celebration of freedom, which is the real threat they face,” Limbaugh said.

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See the video below:

The article Rush talks about at the beginning is excerpted below.

From The Federalist:

Why Nike’s Capitulation To Kaepernick Matters

Colin Kaepernick has made a fantastic living out of protesting the America flag. That’s fine. No political speech should be inhibited, not even pseudo-intellectual historical revisionism. But let’s stop pretending that kneeling during the national anthem at sporting events is really about “respecting the flag” or criminal justice reform or any fixable policy problem.

Whatever the underlying causes for Kaepernick’s popularity—some of them certainly legitimate—these protests are acts of contempt toward an irredeemable nation created in sin. This view of our founding is an increasingly popular position on the left. And if it ever takes hold in mainstream American life, we’re in real trouble.

After pictures of Nike’s Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July edition were released online, Kaepernick, who “sacrificed everything” by making tens of millions of dollars as a corporate-sponsored activist, reportedly complained to company officials that the Betsy Ross flag on the back of a proposed sneaker was an offensive symbol because of its “connection to an era of slavery.”

It seems unlikely that being triggered by an 18th century Quaker seamstress is going to help reduce police brutality. But the sneakers themselves aren’t really the point.

Have a safe and patriotic holiday, everyone!


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