Rush Limbaugh: Impeachment Is All About Hatred Of Trump And The People Who Elected Him (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh was on FOX and Friends this week, where he was asked for his opinion on the impeachment hearings.

He offered analysis as only Rush can.

He suggested that the entire affair is being driven by the Democrats’ hatred of Trump and the voters who elected him.

The Hill reports:

Limbaugh: Impeachment driven by ‘raw hatred’ of Trump and ‘people who elected him’

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Friday that impeachment efforts by Democrats are driven by “pure, raw hatred” of President Trump during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

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The comments from Limbaugh come one day after Sinclair Broadcasting investigative reporter James Rosen asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if she “hated” Trump, which prompted a fiery response from the California congresswoman.

“Democrats are wandering aimlessly and being propelled by one thing. You’re watching it. You watched it with the three so-called expert witnesses,” Limbaugh said Friday morning of three of the four constitutional scholars who testified Wednesday and called for impeachment of the president. “We are watching pure, raw hatred. They hate the man and they hate the people who elected him. They hate him because he beat them.”

Sounds about right to us.

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Watch the video below:

This echoes something Rush said on his own show this week.

From his website:

Pelosi said they would yesterday, in that press conference where she was asked by James Rosen, “Do you hate the president?” (impression) “I don’t hate the president. I don’t hate anybody. I’m a good Catholic except for abortion. I don’t hate anybody. I don’t hate the president. I pray. You understand me? I pray for the president! We don’t hate him!” They hate his guts. They hate you for electing him — and then she said, “t’s not about Ukraine. It’s about Russia.”

They are never gonna be able to let Russia go because that was the grand scheme. That’s where everybody in the deep state went to work on getting rid of Trump, and they just cannot accept that it’s failed yet. So they’re gonna keep going back to it. And then Ed Henry said, “Some Democrats are concerned about expanding the Mueller report and obstruction of justice charges.” Do you know what the obstruction of justice charges are that she mentioned? Get this.

She is going to put in an article of impeachment that Donald Trump obstructed Congress by going to court to prevent his administration having to turn over everything she wants. Executive privilege! Not to mention Adam Schiff got hold of the NSA and AT&T, and they together teamed up to give Schiff a bunch of phone data on the journalist John Solomon, on Congressman Devin Nunes. They want to say that Trump is overstepping?

There’s a reason why Rush is number 1 in talk.

He’s usually right.


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