Rush Limbaugh: Media Flooding The Zone With Polls To Make You Think Trump Is Finished

If there’s one thing we can be sure about, it’s that the media will do whatever they can to help defeat Trump in November.

They relentlessly spin the news negatively for Trump and gleefully report polls with Joe Biden in the lead.

Rush Limbaugh recently addressed this on his show and reminded listeners that this is all being done intentionally to make people think Trump has already lost.

From the Rush Limbaugh website:

Drive-Bys Flood the Zone with Polls to Convince You Trump Is Finished

RUSH: I want to start with the effort here that is now in full swing to defeat Donald Trump on November 3rd. We have massive new polling data that shows it is hopeless. Trump may as well quit. He may as well give up.

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Changing campaign managers, it isn’t gonna matter. Trump is gone, everything but he hasn’t packed and left the White House yet. But, for all intents and purposes, Trump should realize it’s over and he should leave…

RUSH: A double-digit lead for Joe Biden. Now, how many of you believe that? I mean, some of you are going to, I understand. I mean, there are pessimists out there.

There are people who think, “Hey, Rush, ain’t fair, but the way the media is covering things, it’d be understandable if these poll numbers were right.” And I understand your thinking on that. But the problem is there isn’t anybody out there with any great enthusiasm for Joe Biden.

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Joe Biden is a nonentity. And the moment Joe Biden stops hiding in the basement — will that day ever come? Will Biden ever surface from the basement? We know he’s not gonna be able to debate Trump. That isn’t gonna happen. Would he ever come out of the basement? Why would he? That’s when he’s at greatest risk.

But there isn’t any personal enthusiasm for Biden. There isn’t a large number of voters out there with a bond or a connection to Biden.

Rush is right, as usual.

Trump voters must not take the media’s bait. They want people to be demoralized.

Ignore it and get yourself, your family and friends to the polls in November.


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