Rush Limbaugh Says Joe Biden Is Already Finished – Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has had an awful week and things seem to be getting worse as his Democrat rivals are piling on.

Rush Limbaugh thinks Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign is already finished, and he’s giving a very specific reason why.

Real Clear Politics has the transcript:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: So Plugs Biden. We gotta move from Democrat perverts asking Hope Hicks pervy questions to Joe Biden. This guy is finished. It’s over, and you know how you know it’s over? It’s nothing to do with this segregation business, although I think that’s the trigger for it. But you want to know how this is over? Well, let’s go to audio sound bite number 10. This is ABC News. This is Good Morning America today. This is a portion of chief national affairs correspondent Tom Llamas’ report about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and with the ChiComs.

LLAMAS (voice over): Was Hunter Biden profiting off his dad’s work as vice president, and did Joe Biden allow it? We’re talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries.

LLAMAS (to Biden): Mr. Vice President, Tom Llamas at ABC News, how you doing? Got a quick question for you.

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LLAMAS (voice over): It’s a question we tried to ask repeatedly —

LLAMAS (to Biden): Can we ask you about Ukraine and China?

LLAMAS (voice over): But kept getting blocked. One person who did not want to talk about it: Joe Biden.

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LLAMAS (to Biden): Mr. Vice President, what’s your take on that?

BIDEN: (silence)

LLAMAS (to Biden): Was there a conflict of interest there?

BIDEN: (silence)

LLAMAS (to Biden): Was there a clear conflict of interest?

RUSH: That’s it, folks. If ABC News is going after the Hunter Biden-ChiCom-Ukraine scandal, it’s over. Somebody in the Democrat-media complex has decided it’s time to take Plugs out. Don’t know the specific reason. We’ve been talking about these deals. Conservative media has educated their audiences on all of this China, Ukraine, Joe Biden setting his sons up to become obscenely wealthy. Nobody was interested. Now, all of a sudden, out of the clear blue… It’s not in the clear blue.

See the video below:

Rush makes an ecxellent point here. If the media is asking these questions, it’s a very bad sign for Biden.

Here’s more from the ABC report Rush mentioned:

Biden refuses to answer questions about his son’s foreign business dealings

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declined to answer questions on the campaign trail this week about his son’s overseas business dealings in countries where the then-vice president was conducting diplomatic work, an issue his political opponents have already begun to wield against him as he wades into the 2020 presidential campaign.

More than once, after his father engaged in diplomacy on behalf of the United States in foreign countries, Hunter Biden conducted business in the same country. At two separate campaign stops on Monday, Biden avoided questions about his son while his staff blocked reporters from approaching the candidate.

Biden’s campaign did provide ABC News with a statement saying the former vice president has always adhered to “well-established executive branch ethics standards,” adding that if Biden wins the White House he will issue an executive order to “address conflicts of interest of any kind.”

Rush has a record of being right about these things.


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