Rush Limbaugh: The American People Are Numb To Daily Attacks On Trump From Democrats And Media

Democrats and the media are so determined to keep Trump from winning a second term that they are adopting a ‘kitchen sink’ approach to attacking him.

They are now launching a new smear campaign against him once or twice a week.

The strategy seems to be backfiring, though. People are already tired of it.

Rush Limbaugh recently made this point in the way only he can.

From the Rush Limbaugh website:

The Trump Scandal Absorption Level Has Been Reached

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RUSH: Now, before we get back to the phones, I want to expand on something that I briefly touched on as the program began and was unfolding before your very eyes. I spoke at some length yesterday on this program about how every day it’s a new scandal involving President Trump — every day, or maybe every week. But it’s mind-blowing how often it happens. Every day, it seems, we wake up and there is a new something.

There is a new scandal that’s just been discovered, a new Trump scandal that we just learned about, such as calling dead soldiers buried in cemeteries suckers and losers, except now the guy who wrote that story has withdrawn it, has acknowledged that maybe his sources were wrong. (interruption) Oh, you haven’t heard that? Oh…

I think we’re reaching a point here where people not only are worn out by all this, I think people are getting wise to it. My good friends, none of it ever amounts to anything in terms of its purpose. The purpose for all of these allegations is what? The purpose is to force Trump to resign or to force people in his administration to tell him he’s got to leave because he’s losing all support.

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The purpose is to maybe have him charged with an actual crime and he’d be frog-marched out of the White House on his way to jail. Whatever. Whatever the method of getting rid of Trump is, it isn’t working, and it hasn’t worked in four years. Now, the immediate objective is to get Trump defeated in the election in November. But I think that is also bombing out on them.

Rush is right, as usual.

When it comes to Democrats and the media, their obsession with attacking Trump is pathological.

They can’t help themselves and the American people know it.


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