RUSH LIMBAUGH: We All Know What Trump Means When He Says the Election Is Rigged (AUDIO)

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Rush Limbaugh let loose yesterday, singling out the Democrats and the media for their selective outrage. They’re angrier about Trump’s suggestion that the election is rigged than they are about a Republican office in North Carolina being firebombed.

Transcript via Rush’s website:

We All Know What Trump Means When He Says the Election Is Rigged

Let me ask you a quick question here, folks. If a Democrat campaign headquarters office, say a Hillary for president campaign office, in a sizable left-wing university town, if it’s blown up, you think you’d hear about it? Nothing but that, right? If a Democrat headquarters, a Hillary campaign headquarters had been blown up, do you think the Drive-Bys would be blaming Hillary’s rhetoric for it? Kind of doubt that. Do you think that may be all you would be hearing about?

If a Democrat headquarters were blown up, do you think that you would hear anybody say, “Well, you know, Hillary’s responsible. She’s out there saying all these irresponsible things, the Hillary campaign.” No. And then they’d be tracking down every potential Republican suspect starting with Trump and then Trump’s family and then Trump’s campaign staff and then some of Trump’s redneck supporters and some of these whoever, you name it…

If Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine, the eye, or anybody else on the Democrat side were complaining of any aspect of the election being rigged or if they discovered that the media was dramatically in favor of Donald Trump, do you think that they would be talking about it? Damn right they would. And if Hillary were claiming the election were rigged, they would assume it is rigged, and they’d be looking for Republican suspects.

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And Obama would be enacting the Justice Department to conduct an investigation, the civil rights division would be impaneled, and they would pull out all the stops to go out and find out who in fact is rigging, and they would find somebody just like the guy that produced the video that caused the uprising in Benghazi. They would find somebody, they would charge somebody, try to put them in jail right now. They would find their family.

They’re doing none of that.

Listen to the audio below. It begins right at the start, just push play:

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As usual, Rush is absolutely right.


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