Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thinks Sexism Was ‘Major Factor’ In Hillary’s 2016 Loss (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic Party nomination to Obama in 2008. Did Justice Ginsburg think it was sexism that caused Hillary to lose back then? She certainly didn’t say so. What changed?

Hot Air reports:

Justice Ginsburg: Sexism A ‘Major Factor’ In Hillary’s 2016 Loss

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave an interview to CBS News’ Charlie Rose Tuesday in which she said sexism was a “major factor” in Hillary’s 2016 loss.

Asked when she believes a woman will be president, Ginsburg replied, “Well, we came pretty close.” “You think sexism played a role in that campaign?” Charlie Rose asked. Ginsburg replied, “I have no doubt that it did.” At this point, the crowd breaks into applause.

They aren’t applauding sexism, of course, they are applauding a Supreme Court Justice siding with Hillary Clinton and therefore implicitly criticizing President Trump. Asked if sexism was decisive in the election, Ginsburg said, “There’s so many things that might have been decisive but that was a major, major factor.”

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Watch the video:

Justice Ginsburg was highly critical of Trump during the election. Supreme Court justices usually try to maintain an image of being non-partisan but she couldn’t help herself.

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How are we supposed to believe she’s being objective now?


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