SAD! ACLU Sues Indiana Town, Claims Christmas Tree Display Caused ‘Irreparable Harm’ (VIDEO)

The ACLU has been quiet the last eight years.

Then, Trump was elected.

Just after the election, the ACLU issued an ‘open letter’ to Trump. As we reported:

“The ACLU published an open letter to Trump. In it was a threat: ‘If you do not reverse course and endeavor to make these campaign promises a reality, you will have to contend with the full firepower of the ACLU at your every step.'” (Read more here)

One of Trump’s campaign promises was that it was going to be okay to say, ‘Merry Christmas’ again. Christians could celebrate Christmas. 

And that’s what one Indiana town has been doing as long as anyone can remember.

Now, the ACLU wants them to stop celebrating Christmas the way they like to celebrate.

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Fox News reports: 

For as far back as anyone can remember, there’s always been a cross atop the Christmas tree on the square in Knightstown, Indiana.

But that could change if the Grinches at the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana have their way.

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The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit against the town on behalf of Joseph Tomkins, a resident who said the image of the lighted cross has caused him “irreparable harm.”

Watch (via Fox 59):

From the video:

“Every one of the Knightstown residents we saw near the square said the same thing: They can’t understand why one of their neighbors would sue their town over the annual Christmas display.”

Because the ACLU is involved. That’s why!

If the ACLU truly cared about ‘civil liberties,’ they would be on the other side of this lawsuit.

They would defend this Indiana town. Not attack them.



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