San Diego State University Offering Course On Impeaching President Trump

San Diego State University is offering a new course on impeaching Trump. After public outcry, they tried to scrub Trump’s name from the course but their intentions were clear.

Campus Reform reports:

SDSU impeachment course no longer explicitly referencing Trump

After receiving significant public backlash, San Diego State University has tweaked the name of a course that it claims was never about removing President Trump from office.

According to The San Diego Union Tribune, the university announced Wednesday that the original course title–“Trump: Impeachment, Removal, or Conviction?”–was “inconsistent with the course content described,” and that the title will be revised to excise Trump’s name.

“The course presents an overall framework of impeachment, removal, or criminal investigation of a president and rather than focusing on President Trump, reviews all 19 impeachments in U.S. history,” the university explained, adding that “the one-unit, weekend class is not a requirement for graduation and is not paid for by state funds.”

However, the university did not address the fact that the only required text for the course is Allan Lichtman’s The Case for Impeachment, which examines various ways that Trump, specifically, could potentially be removed from office.

Trump’s name has already been removed from the course title on the school’s online catalog, which now reads simply “Impeachment, Removal, or Conviction.”

Can you even imagine the outcry from Democrats and the media if anything similar was offered by a university while Obama was president? Of course not, because it would never happen.

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