SAY WHAT? DNC Chair Candidate: “My Job Is To Shut Other White People Down” (VIDEO)

One thing is becoming crystal clear. Democrats still have no idea why they keep losing average American voters. At a recent forum for potential new chairs for the DNC, one candidate put the party’s obsession with race and white privilege on full display.

The Daily Caller reported:

White Candidate For DNC Chair Says Her Job Will Be ‘To Shut Other White People Down’ [VIDEO]

Sally Boynton Brown, a white woman running for chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Monday that if she is chosen to lead the party her job will be to “shut other white people down.”

“My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt,” Brown said during a DNC candidate forum.

Brown, the executive director of the Idaho Democratic Committee, is running for the chair position against six other candidates, including three African-American candidates and one Hispanic, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

“My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, ‘oh, no, I’m not prejudice; I’m a Democrat; I’m accepting,’” Brown bellowed during the forum, which was hosted by MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Here’s the video:

Do Democrats have any idea how insane they sound?

They keep doubling down on this craziness!

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