Schiff’s Bizarre Reason To Hide FISA Memo: “If You have A Neighbor Who’s Buying Fertilizer . . .” (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is a man on a mission. He is going to keep the left’s conspiracy theories about the 2016 election alive at any cost, even his own credibility. In his mad rush to discredit the FISA abuse memo that came out this week, he’s now saying the disclosure could cause domestic terrorism.

Here’s a transcript of his appearance on MSNBC via Real Clear Politics:

Rep. Adam Schiff Suggests FISA Memo Release Will Increase Risk Of Domestic Terrorism

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: The real damage they have done is they have damaged the relationship between our committee and the intelligence community in the future. They are going to be wary about sharing information pause they won’t trust us to be responsible stewards of it.

And sources of information are going to dry up. If you have a neighbor next door who is buying a lot of fertilizer and it seems odd because they don’t have a yard, are you going to think twice because if they get a search warrant for your neighbor and something is politicized, the political winds change and there’s an investigation, your identity is going to be revealed. Because you really can’t trust that this is going to be kept confidential anymore. There’s a reason why this process has never been used before.

Even so, the process presumed that the president of the United States who has a veto over this would be a responsible person who would have the interest of the nation at heart. And that’s not what we have here.

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Watch the video:

He has actually made this claim more than once:

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Is he insane?


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