School Cafeteria Workers Urge Washington To DROP Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program

Kids in school don’t like Michelle Obama’s lunch program. No one knows this better than the cafeteria workers who serve lunch and watch kids not eating it.

Now they’re urging Washington to drop the program once and for all.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Schools want out of Michelle Obama’s lunch rules, kids say ‘Yuck’

Faced with students who won’t buy lunches low in salt and sugar and jacked up with bland-tasting grains, the nation’s 54,000 school cafeteria workers are urging Washington to junk health-focused rules pushed by former first lady Michelle Obama.

Feeling that they have an ally on their side in the Trump administration, their lobby group, the School Nutrition Association, plans to press for less-strict restrictions on ingredients that taste good.

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The reason is simple: Studies show that public school students aren’t eating what cafeterias are serving, turning many operations into money-losers. While the school districts can opt out, doing so results in federal subsidy cuts for those programs.

“Overly prescriptive regulations have resulted in unintended consequences, including reduced student lunch participation, higher costs and food waste. Federal nutrition standards should be modified to help school menu planners manage these challenges and prepare nutritious meals that appeal to diverse student tastes,” a new policy paper from the association said.

If Democrats truly care about children and schools, as they always claim to, they should help with the undoing of this program.

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Otherwise, it would make a great purpose for Trump’s next executive order.


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