Schools in Switzerland Drop Pork From Menu to Avoid Offending Muslims

Pork Roast

Schools in Basel, Switzerland are dropping pork products from their school menus to avoid offending Muslims who are forbidden to eat it.

This type of appeasement seems to follow wherever a large population of Muslim migrants takes hold in a country.

Jihad Watch reported:

Switzerland: Basel schools drop pork from lunches to avoid offending Muslims

Islam forbids the consumption of pork, and given the authoritarian and supremacist nature of Islamic law, that means no one can eat it. “Could it be that we are adapting to certain cultures, rather than the other way around?” Why, of course you are. And there will be much, much more adapting demanded of you before this sorry story is finished, and your new masters are fully in power.

“Anger as Swiss council plans non-pork school lunches,” The Local, June 22, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

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Politicians with the conservative Swiss People’s Party believe school authorities in Basel have caved to religious minorities in their decision to take pork off the school lunch menu in the coming school year.

Pork sausages are as much a part of Swiss cuisine as fondue and chocolate – so much so that a decision to remove them from the lunch menus of four primary schools in the district of Binningen in Basel-Country has left some local politicians fuming.

“We are outraged. When we first hear [about the decision] we thought we weren’t reading it right,” Swiss People’s Party representative Susanna Keller said at a local council meeting on Monday.

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Speaking at the meeting, she argued that sausages such as the Klöpfer – a boiled sausage similar to the cervelat – were part of Switzerland’s cultural heritage.

Jewish people don’t eat pork either.

Why hasn’t Switzerland had to ban pork to avoid offending them?



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