Scientist: Google Is Manipulating Anti-Hillary Searches

You may have seen this video that showed Google was manipulating anti-Hillary searches.

They compared Google searches to searches on Bing and Yahoo! . . . and guess what they found!

The conclusion: Yes, Google is manipulating searches to favor Hillary Clinton.

A scientist named Richard Epstein decided to do a test on autocomplete. That’s when a search engine fills in words for you when you start a phrase.

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Guess what?

Same thing. Google is manipulating autocomplete, too.

Here’s how it looks on the various search engines when you type in “Hillary is”:

(Image source)

Why is this important? Because search terms and autocomplete affect the information we get about our politicians. Epstein estimated that manipulating search and autocomplete can have a huge impact on elections:

“A scientific study I published last year showed that search rankings favoring one candidate can quickly convince undecided voters to vote for that candidate — as many as 80 percent of voters in some demographic groups. My latest research shows that a search engine could also shift votes and change opinions with another powerful tool: autocomplete.”

We learned before that Google was directly involved with the Hillary campaign.

Now, here they go again. Manipulating. Just like Democrats like to do.

It shows: To win, Republicans have to win outside the margin of corruption!

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