Scott Adams Mocks Trump Critics: Maybe White House Needs A “Designated Crier” (VIDEO)

Dilbert creator Scott Adams was one of the first pundits to see the rise of Trump.

Early in the Republican primary process, Adams identified Trump’s “persuasion” skills as a unique tool no one else had. That led Adams to predict Trump would win the Republican primary, and eventually, the Presidential election.

With recent events, some have asked Adams whether electing Trump was a good thing.

They’ve said Trump hasn’t responded the correct way to recent events. They said Trump didn’t name the right hate groups. They said Trump wasn’t empathetic enough.

Today, Adams mocked those critics by suggesting a novel solution.

Watch via Periscope (start at the 17:05 mark):

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From the video (beginning at the 17:05 mark):

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“He never promised us he’d be our moral leader. And when the time came and we demanded it, he proved that he was wise in not offering that. Cause it looks like that wasn’t his sweet spot, if you know what I mean. If you want jobs and you want to beat ISIS, maybe he’s your guy. But if you want somebody to cry with, probably the wrong guy. I think that the President should replace Bannon with maybe Van Jones? And before you judge this, you know Van Jones is a very active Trump hater – but he also cries a lot on television. Because he gets pretty worked up about hate and bigotry, as well he should. But you need somebody like that to be your ‘designated crier.‘”

Trump wasn’t elected to be a moral leader, as some ladies reminded CBS this week. 

Trump was elected to get a job done. He was elected to grow the economy. He was elected to cut back the government.

And he’s doing just fine.


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