Seattle Now Scrambling To Hire New Cops After Defunding The Police Backfires

When it comes to bad ideas on the left, few have been as destructive as the movement to defund the police.

Cities across the United States are now dealing with major crime problems, even violent crimes like murder.

In Seattle, where the police actually were defunded, they are now scrambling to hire more cops.

KOMO News reports:

Mayor Bruce Harrell unveils plan to recruit officers to Seattle Police Department

Mayor Bruce Harrell laid out a new police recruitment strategy on Wednesday.

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“We do believe these staffing levels are at a crisis level,” Mayor Bruce Harrell said in a news conference Wednesday, “We have to compete. Let me make that point very clear. Officers have options, like anyone else, so we are competing, and we want the finest officers here.”

The city also plans to partner with community leaders and organizations to help recruit, revamp their marketing and ad strategy, and dedicate more resources and staff to help with recruiting hundreds of officers needed to fill the ranks of Seattle Police.

According to data provided by the city, the number of officers in service has been plummeting since 2019 and is now at a historic low of 954 officers.

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“To return to our most responsive levels, SPD needs to keep the officers we have and hire at least 500 more over the next five years,” Interim SPD Chief Adrian Diaz said.

Seattle conservative talk host Jason Rantz says it’s not going to work.

He writes at KTTH Radio:

Mayor Harrell’s police staffing ‘plan’ is embarrassing, impossible, and not really a plan

Mayor Bruce Harrell’s plan to bolster the Seattle Police Department by 500 officers by 2027 is embarrassing. It’s not really even a plan and the numbers make no sense.

Harrell’s plan is centered around recruitment bonuses with a maximum of $7,500 for recruits and $30,000 for lateral transfers from other departments. He also announced plans to hire more civilian recruitment specialists. But the spending plan depends entirely on the Seattle City Council’s approval. This obviously won’t cut it.

While public polling may sway most of the Council, Harrell hasn’t presented anything new. He’s going to incentivize applicants better? That’s been tried, and it’s largely failed. While more money can motivate some, officers are leaving the force to take jobs paying less because they don’t want to work in Seattle or Washington.

So far this year, the SPD has lost 103 officers. Harrell says that if we hire 500 new officers by 2027, we’ll have a force of roughly 1,450. Does the mayor think, all of a sudden, cops won’t continue to leave the department?

This problem is going to continue until the Democrat leaders of these cities admit that they screwed up, stop disrespecting police, and return to common sense law enforcement policies.

Until then, we will see no changes.


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