See The Image of Hillary Clinton That Got a Cartoonist’s Website Shut Down

Hillary Cartoon small

Ben Garrison is a political cartoonist and one of his recent pictures caused such a stir that his website was shut down. Somehow, we don’t think this would have happened if he was making fun of Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports:

Cartoonist’s Website Suspended After Posting Mocking Clinton Cartoon

Popular conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison had his website suspended for the third time after he published a mocking cartoon of Hillary Clinton.

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In a post on his official Facebook page, Garrison said that the website had been shut down after he published a cartoon of Hillary Clinton that went viral.

The cartoon, which is a depiction of Clinton addressing a mostly empty theatre (apart from a sleeping Bill Clinton, George Soros, the Grim reaper, and Islamists), showed her sitting on a stool held up by “lies,” “graft” and “crime.”

Here’s the cartoon:

We don’t see the problem.

In fact, the cartoon is hilarious.

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