SEE YA! Anti-Trump Journalist Scott Pelley Signs Off At CBS News In Final Broadcast (VIDEO)

Scott Pelley of CBS News sank drastically in ratings in recent months which contributed to him losing his gig on their nightly news broadcast. Last night he signed off for the last time.

Mediaite reports:

‘Goodbye and Good Luck’: Scott Pelley Signs Off For Last Time as CBS Evening News Anchor

A couple of weeks after it was announced that he was out as anchor of CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley signed off his final broadcast by thanking his CBS News colleagues and the audience.

“This is my last broadcast for the CBS Evening News,” Pelley said. “We hope this has been something of a lighthouse for you to help you with your bearings in a stormy world.”

He continued, “To the men and women of CBS News, my profound gratitude. Your nights away from your families, your 12-hour days, the days you risked your lives to bring light into the world, leaves me humbled.”

Pelley quoted James Madison, pointing out that the founding father wrote that “freedom of the press is the right that guarantees all the others — the stakes are that high.”

“For all of us at CBS News all around the world, goodbye and good luck,” he said at the end.

Watch the video:

So long, Scott!

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