Senator Chuck Schumer Says He Is ‘Proud’ Of The Protests In New York City

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York said this week that he is proud of the recent protests.

There’s nothing wrong with peaceful protests, but something else happened in New York City, too.

Has Chuck Schumer looked at the city lately? Has he seen the smashed windows, the burnt out and looted store fronts?

Does he have any idea how severe the damage is and what it will do to the residents of the city?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Chuck Schumer: ‘I’m proud of New York and I’m proud of the protests’

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he was “proud” of the protest in New York City, though he believes the violence witnessed at some of the riots should be condemned.

New York City has been under a curfew for several days as protests against police brutality and racial injustice devolved into riots that have led to looting, arson, vandalism, and attacks on police officers. During a Thursday interview on Morning Joe, Schumer said the focus should not be on the violent minority.

“Well, I think things are improving over the last day or two in New York. I’m going to defer to the mayor and governor as to how to use the resources, the many resources at their command. I’m not sitting right at their side and know that. But I will tell you this, the overwhelming majority of protesters in New York, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, are peaceful protesters,” he said.

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“As you said, Joe, this is a great tradition of New York. Often, New York is the conscience of the nation. We lead the country to realize our faults and to try and change them. And I think that I am proud that so many young people are out there. We’ve said over and over again, the greatest worry we have about the young people is that they’re apathetic. Now, they’re not apathetic,” he added.

It is going to take New York City years to recover from the destruction caused in recent days.

And the people who will suffer the most are poor minorities.

Is Schumer proud of that?


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