Senator Josh Hawley Blasts Biden: ‘We Stumble From One Crisis To Another’ (VIDEO)

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri blasted Joe Biden on the Senate floor this week in an epic rant.

Hawley was focused mainly on Biden’s disastrous foreign policy with regards to Ukraine and Afghanistan.

He said at one point that the country is stumbling from one crisis to another under Biden. It was a point well made.

Townhall has details:

‘We Just Stumble from One Crisis to Another’: Hawley Blasts Biden’s Failed Foreign Policy

Beginning with the most recent foreign fracus, Hawley reminded that when “Joe Biden came to office, the people of Ukraine asked for military assistance – a year ago. Did he give it to them?” Hawley asked rhetorically. “No. He denied them military assistance. He denied them lethal aid,” he said, pointing out the inconsistency in Biden’s attitude and actions toward Ukraine.

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“What did he do for Vladimir Putin?” Hawley also asked. “When he came to office he green-lighted Vladimir Putin’s pipeline. He turned their pipelines on, he turned our pipelines off,” Hawley reminded.

“What did he do with American energy production? He throttled it down. He turned it off…On one issue after another when it comes to Ukraine, this President has been wrong… the White House shouldn’t point fingers and shift the blame,” Hawley noted.

The Missouri Senator also reminded “where these foreign policy disasters really kicked off in a big way — that was in Afghanistan. And am I concerned about Afghanistan? You’re darn right I am,” he said. “13 service members were killed at Abbey Gate — has anyone been held accountable yet for Afghanistan?” Hawley asked. “Has somebody been fired? Has somebody been relieved of command? Nope,” he said in answer to his questions.

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Watch the video:

Hawley is right about this and he speaks for millions of Americans.

We do go from one crisis to another under Biden and it’s exhausting.


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