Senator Ted Cruz Promises Coming End To ‘Political Farce’ Of Impeachment (VIDEO)

If you are tired of the impeachment circus, you are not alone.

In fact, far left Democrats are the only people who are still interested in this.

There is good news, though. Senator Ted Cruz recently put out a message which shows where Republicans in the Senate are on this issue.

Townhall reports:

Ted Cruz: ‘Partisan Impeachment We’ve Seen Is Over’

Sen. Ted Cruz (D-TX) tweeted his thoughts about President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial and how he see the trial playing out in the Senate.

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“I’m headed to the Senate floor,” Cruz says in a video the senator tweeted out on Thursday. “The partisan impeachment we’ve seen is over.”…

“We will then proceed to have to a fair trial,” Cruz said, “to respect due process, unlike the House, to give the president a full and fair opportunity to defend himself, and then we’ll decide this issue based on the constitutional standards for impeachment, which is high crimes and misdemeanors.

The House articles don’t meet that standard. They don’t allege any criminal conduct whatsoever, so at the end of this process, after a fair trial, the president will be acquitted and we will end this constitutional circus, this political farce that started in the House. This is the beginning of the end of the abuse of the Constitution.”

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Watch the video below:

Trump thanked Cruz for this:

It may seem like this has been going on forever, but the end is coming soon.

Democrats won’t like the way it ends, but that’s just too bad.


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