Senator Tom Cotton Introducing Bill To Ban Far Left ‘Critical Race Training’ In The United States Military

Democrats and the far left are pushing a dangerous ideology throughout every American institution called Critical Race Theory. It reduces people to nothing more than the color of their skin. It’s the exact opposite of what the Civil Rights Movement was based on.

The left is implementing it in education at every level and even in government.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a Republican and veteran, is trying to stop this ideology from infecting the U.S. Military.

City Journal reports:

Senator Cotton’s Stand

Tomorrow, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton will introduce legislation to ban critical race theory trainings in the United States military. The bill is concise, and desperately needed…

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The premise of Senator Cotton’s legislation is that the military should encourage its members to “love the United States,” defend the “founding principles of the United States,” and maintain policies that treat people as “human beings with equal dignity and protection under the law.”

Critical race theory, according to the findings in the bill, undermines these three goals by presenting the United States as a racist, oppressive nation and by encouraging racial division under the guise of “social justice.”

Cotton’s legislation would put an end to this. (Disclosure: I reviewed and provided feedback on an initial draft of this legislation.) The bill would prohibit the armed forces from directly promoting the core tenets of critical race theory: that “the United States of America is a fundamentally racist Nation;” that “an individual, by virtue of his or her race, is inherently racist or oppressive;” and that “an individual, because of his or her race, bears responsibility for the actions committed by other members of his or her race.” The bill also includes a provision against segregating members of the armed forces by race, which has become common practice in many CRT training programs.

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This is needed and Cotton deserves credit for speaking out.

The military is no place for social justice activism.


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