Sheriff Clarke On Sexism: Hillary Is Not Little Red Riding Hood – She’s “THE BIG BAD WOLF” (VIDEO)


Sheriff David Clarke took on Megyn Kelly and Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky. They said Hillary is a victim because she’s a woman. Sheriff Clarke blasted them for how Democrats treated Sarah Palin.

Two women against one man on whether targeting Hillary is sexist?

Usually, difficult for a man. But Sheriff Clarke won the debate!


From the video:

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Sheriff Clarke: “Barack Obama for seven plus years has played the race card – that every time somebody criticized him it was because he was black and it scared off a lot of Republicans. So now they’re going to switch and try to play the gender card. Problem is the American public is tired of this class warfare. The reason why they don’t like Mrs. Bill Clinton is not because she’s a woman. It’s because she’s dishonest and because she’s hiding something. She’s hiding the truth. She tries to play herself off as a victim – like she’s little red riding hood but she’s more like the big bad wolf. As soon as you turn your back on her, she’ll bite you. Look this is politics. It’s a contact sport. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Then, the two woman tried to make the sexism argument.

Sheriff Clarke brought up how Democrats treated Sarah Palin. They destroyed her in the Media. And Democrats didn’t stand up. Watch the whole thing.

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Democrats are full of hypocrisy!

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