Sheriff Clarke On #CharlotteRiots: “These Are Anarchists!” (VIDEO)


Sheriff David Clarke was on Stuart Varney’s show on the FOX Business Network and talked about the rioting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Clarke made the point that many of the worst instigators are doing it for political purposes which ends up hurting the people who live in the community.

Clarke says:

“This has become a political construct and I said that four months in December of 2014 after Ferguson. I know these people, I know what they’re up to, I know their mode. These are anarchists! The anarchists are exploiting these poor people in these urban ghettos to be the riot starters so until the police commanders start to understand what this movement is – all they have to do is go back to the war on cops in the 60’s…”

Clarke goes on to make the point that police should act more assertively to stop these episodes before they get out of control and that if they do, they will ultimately save more lives.

Watch the video below:

That pretty much nails it, doesn’t it?

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