SHOCK: CNN Turns On Biden Administration Over Recession Denial (VIDEO)

The Biden administration is trying to avert a recession by redefining what a recession actually is.

It’s such a pathetic move, that even CNN is calling them out for it.

How bad are things for the Biden team that even CNN isn’t buying their spin?

Townhall reports:

Liberal Media Turning on Biden Over His Recession Denial

As the Biden administration furiously attempts to spin our current economic situation into an argument to vote for Democrats in November’s midterms, the White House can apparently no longer expect assistance from CNN.

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During a segment talking about the White House’s desperate attempts to redefine what a “recession” is — as Townhall has covered here, here, and here — CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza and host Kasie Hunt had some fun at the expense of the White House’s laughable attempts to paint a rosy picture of the “Build Back Better” agenda’s effects.

“Inflation affects every American directly,” Kasie Hunt noted. “The Biden administration is trying to point out the definition of a recession is nuanced, but I got to tell you, I struggle with this,” she said.

“I get why they want to do it, from a political perspective but, like, you can’t fake this,” she said of Biden’s attempts to say a recession is not a recession.

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Jumping in, Chris Cillizza highlighted the absurdity of the White House’s attempt to spin multiple negative economic indicators as not being a recession in their “view” by saying “In my view I should be drafted into the NBA.

It doesn’t really matter what you think, there is a technical definition: two straight quarters of negative economic growth,” he explained.

Watch the video below:

When the Biden administration has lost CNN, you know they’re in real trouble.


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