SHOCK: Julian Castro Called Out By CNN Panel Over Open Borders: ‘Freaking Everybody Out’ (VIDEO)

Julian Castro got surprisingly called out by CNN’s political panel after the second debate for his open borders position.

Just to be clear, there are probably people on the panel who agree with Castro, but they want to beat Trump so badly that they know this would sink the Democrats.

Here’s a partial transcript via News Busters:

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: You said it’s a right-wing Republican talking point. But it’s also Jay Johnson’s talking point the DHS secretary wrote a piece in The Washington Post, where he said your plan to decriminalize the immigrants crossing into the border illegally; he said It was essentially open borders. So, it isn’t a Republican talking point. It’s actually coming from lots of Democratic strategists and the Obama administration or former officials.

JULIAN CASTRO: I respect Secretary Johnson and it’s unfortunate that he’s basically adopting that right-wing talking point.


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12:15:16 a.m. Eastern

ANDERSON COOPER: So, if it’s a civil fine. It’s against the law but it’s a civil fine, or civil penalty, what happens when somebody is intercepted?

CASTRO: Well what happens is, is what happens to a lot of folks right now: is you’re still taken into custody and processed. You still have a court date. You still have to appear. If somebody is making asylum claim they can make their claim. They have to appear in court. If you’re undocumented and not making an asylum claim. You still have to appear in court. If you repeatedly fail to show up in court, then that turns into a crime like it does for other civil offenses.

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12:16:30 a.m. Eastern

VAN JONES: Listen, man. Nobody’s heart is more broken watching the kids being abused and mistreated than me or you or anybody else here. It disgusts everybody. It disgusts the whole world. But isn’t there some other way to deal with that than saying decriminalize the borer? Because the thing is it seems like, to me, you’re trying to solve one problem which everybody cares about. But then you’re creating this other political problem which is freaking everybody out.

So, can’t you come up with some proposal that says you can’t mistreat these kids and protect the kids, without making seem like you’re saying: “come one come all across the border?”.

Watch the video:

You know things are bad for a Democrat when CNN puts them on defense.

Watch Castro take their advice and soften his stance on this issue.


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