SHOCKING! Liberal Piers Morgan Endorses Trump’s Ban of Immigrants from Terror-Infested Nations

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I have been carefully watching the skies expecting to see pigs flying. Similar to the shock I felt when listening to Bill Maher make salient points about radical Islam, I was equally stunned to read Pier Morgan’s piece in the Daily Mail after ISIS’ senseless murder of a Catholic priest in Normandy. Morgan’s column sounds strikingly like the same points made by several Republicans, conservatives and sensible Americans about the obvious threat ISIS poses to the civilized world.

Even more shocking is Morgan’s complete indictment of the current, failing strategy against radical Islam. So, even Piers Morgan is not buying the rhetoric from Obama, Hillary or John Kerry who say ISIS is on the run, losing ground and is less dangerous than air conditioning. Americans of any party who value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should take heed. ISIS is demonstrating a complete lack of compromise or restraint. They want any Western ideal, especially those found in the United States, crushed.

So, as the Democrat Convention continues to divide Americans by race, praise the bravery of illegal immigrants and vilify Donald Trump as a fascist, ISIS continues to spread, recruit and kill. There is only one candidate who has boldly suggested a tough policy to secure our borders, protect Americans and smash ISIS. While the other party celebrates the end of Ramadan with radical Islamists already in America and invites another Muslim Brotherhood-supporting Islamist to speak to America from a Convention podium.

Read Piers Morgan’s article in the Daily Mail:

Has there ever been a more sniveling bunch of cowards than ISIS and its pathetic horde of crazed disciples?

These gutless goons delight in mowing down kids in trucks, throwing gay people off roofs, stoning women to death and setting fire to men in cages.

They love easy, soft targets: nightclubs, bars, cafes, sports arenas, concert halls, trains. Places where large numbers of innocent people congregate and can thus be slaughtered at will.

They care not for age, colour, creed or degrees of vulnerability.

To the medieval barbarians of Islamic State, everyone’s fair game, especially other Muslims who don’t share their hideously warped view of Islam.

Now, plummeting a new low even by their standards, two ISIS ‘soldiers’ charged into a Catholic church in Normandy, seized hostages including several nuns and then murdered an 84-year-old priest by slitting his throat.

Can you imagine a more grotesque, pitiful act of violence than this?

The slain priest was named as Jacques Hamel

Yet these monsters will try to find a way to ‘beat’ it, in their constant depraved pursuit of ever more degrading and inhuman methods of slaughter to horrify the world and titillate their fellow barbarians in equal measure.

It’s time to stop pussy-footing around about Islamic Jihad.

It’s here, it’s real, it’s getting worse and it has to be faced down.

There’s a conventional war raging in Iraq and Syria where ISIS has recently suffered some major defeats.

That war must continue to be fought hard and it must ultimately be won.

To achieve this, the coalition forces must be substantially increased both in the air and on the ground. President Obama, as leader of the world’s No1 military superpower, needs to take his demob-happy smirk off his face and get serious.

But it’s the second war currently being conducted on the civilian streets from California to Nice that has to now be properly confronted.

I haven’t spoken to a single person in the last few weeks who seems to have any real idea how to stop the seemingly endless procession of terror attacks against innocent people going about their daily life.

Politicians and military experts spout a lot of bold rhetoric but offer little new by way of a concrete plan to counter the growing ‘lone wolf’ cult of ISIS-inspired nut-jobs prepared to commit unspeakable attacks.

‘How DO you stop it?’ they repeatedly ask.

Hence the mounting sense of fear and anxiety that we’re all beginning to feel about how this multi-faceted war plays out.

Well clearly the current strategy, if there even is one, is failing.

So we need new thinking.

One of the most fascinating things I’ve read about how to defeat ISIS appeared in a Facebook post by a young devout Muslim woman named Yasmine Jasser, responding to my column two weeks ago about the Nice attack.

She lives in America and shared my revulsion about ISIS.

She also offered a clear and rational explanation for why so many Muslims are being easily radicalised, and a suggestion for how to deal with it.

Here is what she wrote:

‘In the U.S., most of the Muslim immigrants are professionals who had to apply for their visas through universities, hospitals, companies. A lot of the Muslims in Europe move there and barely scrape by. They are mostly uneducated, poorer people who work 24 hours a day and their children are left to fend on their own. Those kids end up being uneducated and with no prospects for the future. They start blaming the West for all their problems and they can easily listen to some fanatic who will twist their minds into performing these heinous acts. We can monitor mosques and try to stop these fanatic speakers but 99 per cent of the time it’s some video online posted by some guy sitting in a cave in Afghanistan. I think in order to solve this problem, we must reach out to these kids and emphasise the importance of education, being well-rounded members of society and contributing to the society you live in. Coming to Europe and living off the welfare system is obviously not working. With the recent influx of refugees here in America, I believe we’re going to have a similar problem; a generation lost between the East and West, who can easily be manipulated and brainwashed. There are so many advantages to living in the West, yet they don’t realize it and abuse it, choosing to just mooch off the system and keep having kids they can barely take care of to get more money. I believe every country needs an immigrant resettlement program that offers them classes and opportunities to expand their education and teach them how to live in the West. We also need to stop the “us and them” mentality. The one key that ISIS has is that they preach to these guys: “They think you’re an outsider and you will never belong and they hate you.” It gives these sick people more justification in their minds to perform these heinous acts. In the end, I think you have to be a mentally disturbed person to murder innocent people, but there are definitely ways to prevent it.’

What simple clarity of thought.

And doesn’t she make astoundingly good points?

ISIS appeals to poor, uneducated and in their eyes oppressed Muslims because it offers an exciting alternative to an otherwise hopeless, helpless and disenfranchised existence.

To negate that lure of excitement, we have to offer them a better life and the only proven way to do this is through education and jobs.

France has come under particular assault in recent years because there are over six million Muslims now living in the country – 10 per cent of the entire population – and many of them are young, poor, unemployed men seething with resentment at the way they have been so badly integrated into French society.

Other countries, and we’re now seeing this in Germany, will have similar problems as a direct result of allowing in a tsunami of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

This insane ‘open door’ policy has to stop, not least because once we open these doors we don’t seem to make any coherent, sensible provisions for what happens next to the people who pour through them.

Donald Trump is lambasted as a racist and a bigot every time he speaks about this issue, a lot of that due to his undeniably inflammatory rhetoric.

As I wrote at the time, his call for a complete short-term ban on any Muslims entering America was clearly unworkable and absurd.

But his latest revised call for strong new regulations and restrictions on anyone trying to enter the U.S. from a country ravaged by terror is surely just common sense?

‘We need to know who’s coming in!’ he bellows.

He’s absolutely right, isn’t he?

Rather than idiotically condemn Trump as the ‘new Hitler’, I strongly suggest other countries follow his lead and also look to massively tighten up their immigration policies before it’s too late.

Let’s know exactly who is coming into which country, and let’s stop hiding behind political correctness to do it.

And let’s start properly educating those who we do let in about why a Western society can offer them so much more than life as a pathetic, spineless priest-woman-and-child killing wannabe terrorist.

Then show them we mean it with demonstrable social integration policies, jobs and a brighter future.

In other words, let’s adopt Yasmine Jasser’s very sensible ‘Immigrant Resettlement Program’.

It won’t stop the current tide of attacks, but it may ultimately help stop the inexorable rise of ISIS which relies on its ability to ‘inspire’ those who feel no inspiration from their current lives.

The world is at war with Islamic Jihad and the world has to come together and expose it for it really is: The Caliphate of Cowardice.

Democrats are playing a dangerous game by placating radical Islamist demands in America via CAIR, ISNA or MSA in return for Muslim support in elections. Politicians foolishly believe that Islamist actually care about American and our Constitutional values.  They don’t. They don’t care about logic, rhetoric, political favors or access to the White House. They’d rather Americans submit to the supremacy of Islam or gladly behead us all.

Watch the Video of Trump’s Plan for Banning Radical Muslims:


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