SICK: Female Antifa Member Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing Police Horse With Nail Studded Pole

Is this really how depraved the left has become? Attacking innocent animals with violence? This happened in Pennsylvania. It’s hard to believe someone could be so consumed with hate over politics.

Blasting News reported:

Antifa member arrested for attacking police horse with nail-studded pole

The #March Against Sharia rally on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol building in Harrisburg turned ugly on Saturday when an #Antifa protester assaulted a state police trooper and his horse as law enforcement officials attempted to control a crowd on the 1200 block of North 6th Street.

A Pennsylvania State Police corporal and his horse, Samson, were viciously attacked with a nail-studded pole while attempting to relocate the crowd. The perpetrator, identified by the Harrisburg Bureau of Police as Lisa Simon, allegedly used a flag pole embedded with nails to strike the corporal’s horse in the side of the neck.

Police state that Simon attacked the horse while attempting to obstruct law enforcement from performing their duties.

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Simon allegedly resisted arrest after she was apprehended by city police officers. According to the website Harrisburg100, the injuries to the state trooper and his horse were minor.

Fox43 reports that Lisa Simon, 23, is from Philadelphia. Her preliminary hearing has been scheduled for July 6.

What is wrong with these people?

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